Welcome to Etoile Creations!

First of all, you might be asking, “How do I pronounce that word and what does it mean?” You pronounce Etoile, (eh twol) and the word means “star” in French. Being of French descent, I chose the name Etoile Creations to honor my heritage.


My inspiration comes from an admiration of Asian culture and my designs reflect that influence in contemporary fused glass pieces for home décor and jewelry.

Other mediums I enjoy are oil and acrylic paint. I use splashes of bright acrylic paint on watercolor paper which become biomorphic shapes. Oil is also a favored medium as I enjoy manipulating it's buttery quality. Favorite subjects include landscapes, flowers and animals.

Happily, my luminous hot glass designs, oil and acrylic paintings are enjoyed by private collectors from around the world.

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Private collection Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kennedy


I invite you to view additional designs within my online Shop. Purchased items are carefully packaged and shipped to you from my atelier (work room) in Arizona.



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